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Moss Side Massive - "This book is a jewel. A time-piece that captures an era, revisited through its pages.  Pulsing with tension, Moss Side Massive is peppered with historical moments. Music, streets, clubs, street language, gang-grooming and culture, generational conflict, despondency and at that time, hopelessness. Fantastic” - City Life Magazine

Full Crew - "THE BELATED follow-up to Smith's excellent Moss Side Massive again follows the drug crews of South Central (Manchester, that is).  Easy-Love Brown is out of Strangeways and desperate to carve out his  own turf from the empires of the semi-legit businessman Storm and the teenage gang boss Danny Ranks. Things soon get very messy indeed. 

Rolling along at a terrific lick, this highly original take on the American crime novel is as claustrophobic as Pelecanos and as soapy/dysfunctional as Franzen. A rare glimpse into a world in which the women are hopelessly patient and the men little more than demanding children obsessed with their toys is grimly exotic and extremely readable” - Times Literary Supplement 

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